Laser Cataract Eye Surgery

Is your eye suffering from Cataracts?

A cataract is a common condition and is the most frequent cause of blindness worldwide. It makes the eye lens cloudy, leading to blurry vision. The cataract symptoms include sensitivity to light, foggy vision, diffused light, faded colors, and double vision. As they grow in size and opacity, they can affect your day-to-day life. It is also possible to have cataracts but still be able to live your life without any disruptions.

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While aging is the most common risk factor, smoking, diabetes, consumption of certain medications, and prolonged unprotected exposure to UV rays could also be the reason.

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A cataract is a treatable condition and can be cured with cataract surgery. Laser cataract surgery, which is very common, is painless and safe. The surgery involves implanting an artificial lens in place of the clouded lens. An outpatient procedure—performed by our in-house specialist doctors—takes an hour or less to complete. The laser technology enables us to get back to our daily grind the next day.

After the procedure, you could expect an improvement in your vision. Colors and objects may look bright and clear with a new lens implanted in your eyes. Laser surgery has evolved, letting people go for Cataract surgery in their 50s and 60s, much before the onset of visual degradation. We provide timely identification of cataracts and healthy solution for your better vision.

The surgery is considered a safe and effective procedure performed by our highly skilled and experienced surgeons. Our center is fully equipped for handling complications and has emerged as one of the best for Cataract surgery.

If you think your vision is not how it used to be and is possibly damaged, contact us today to schedule an eye examination. We can help monitor the progression and recommend possible treatment options.

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